Wednesday, December 19th

Lola awakens to hear Tessa singing ‘Joy To The World’. Opening her window, she wonders why Kyle’s not wearing a coat. My boyfriend is crazy. And cold – buzz me in, his teeth chatter.

Devon said no and meant it. Anna heard the demo – it’s good. Good enough to lie to me? Devon should be able to count on his family. We’ll discuss this in the morning. Anna asks Devon to hear the demo. No – Devon orders them out. Not before you hear this, Anna hits play. Despite himself, Devon’s impressed.

With Parmesan and chili flake popcorn, Sharon asks Mariah to find a movie that’s not about women in danger. She appreciates the truce but her feelings about Tessa won’t change. I shouldn’t have asked you over just because I’m nervous being alone. Nothing’s going to change.

In Lola’s bedroom, Kyle warms up by kissing her.

Offering to stay still, Mariah thinks Sharon’s being like Nikki when she was with Nick. No – Sharon lists everything Tessa’s done; all her lies. Why can’t you be happy for me? Mariah’s frustrated. Because I love you! Then stop, Mariah leaves Sharon to think.

Wanna hear it again? 4th time’s the charm, Anna quips. Devon’s impressed – it’s very good. Fen blathers that he’ll do whatever it takes. Devon definitely wants to sign Fen. He and Anna think the bass too strong. Fen’s sent back in the booth. Anna protests when Devon sends her back to the office to get a contract. She’s not experienced enough to produce Fen. Without a word, Anna leaves. Fen watches sadly.

Lola puts on the brakes and snuggles with Kyle (who claims to be OK with it as long as he’s close to Lola)

Johnny now in bed, Vikki and Billy chat over wine. Your Mom’s gonna be fine, he reassures as Vikki leans into him. We’ll get through it together, he holds her.