Thursday, December 20th

At the club, Jack clinks wine glasses with the woman he can’t get out of his mind. He hopes Kerry enjoys this Christmas surprise. Brochure/ticket in hand, Kerry is indeed surprised. You want to take me to a 5-star resort in Bora Bora?

How far away is Bora Bora? 5,700 miles – a 13-hour flight, Jack has indeed surprised Kerry but she can’t go away for 10 days – even after the holidays. It’s a lovely idea but Kerry needs time to think about it. As she stands to leave, Jack does too – and understands. Thanks for dinner and everything, Kerry kisses Jack on the cheek and leaves him bewildered.

An excited Mia greets her first guests, Kyle and Lola. He loves what she’s done with the place and is then lead away (collared) by Rey. Abby and Arturo also bring dessert. Mia takes Abby’s ‘interesting’ coat and is informed that Lola helped Arturo pick it out. Rey – look who’s here, Mia pastes on a smile and thanks Sharon for bringing yet another dessert – what an angel you are.

Mia tops up Sharon’s wine glass and hopes they can be friends. Sharon then escapes to join Abby (on the pretext of updating her on Nikki) Rey and Arturo go all protective big brother on Kyle (who assures them that he cares for and respects Lola) Abby comes over, not to defend her cousin but to pile on – if he doesn’t treat Lola well Kyle will answer to her too. Lola appears to end the ‘messing with Kyle’ portion of the evening. As Sharon updates Rey on Nikki, the ever-smiling Mia appears to chide – no work talk.

At CL’s, Billy sure hopes Johhny’s grandma will be home for Christmas. Now eat this gingerbread cookie.

As Vikki quietly apologizes to her Mom, Reed looks ready to throw up. Given time alone with his grandma, he takes a seat and whimpers ‘it’s all my fault’.