Thursday, December 20th

After a delicious dinner that Mia didn’t make, Sharon and the three clingy couples converse. When Rey and Sharon dominate the conversation, things get awkward and Sharon makes a hasty exit with Abby and Arturo.

Watching Reed in with Nikki, Nick doesn’t look at Phyllis and Vikki as he vows that whoever did this to his Mom will pay.

Kerry’s at Jack’s with an answer. She’d love to go to Bora Bora with him ~kiss~ He promises the vacation of a lifetime. Her bags are packed and outside – let’s start this vacation tonight.

In the bedroom, Kerry and Jack remove one another’s clothes and kiss as they hit the bed.

Meanwhile, downstairs, a blindfolded Arturo is sure Abby will be the envy of all campers in her new coat. Allowing him to remove the blindfold, he sees that’s all she’s wearing. And up to her bedroom they go.

Rey comes down to CL’s with a Christmas gift for Sharon – a tree ornament; in honour of the road trip they didn’t take. You’re important to me. Sharon feels the same way. Their hands touch briefly before they part ways uncomfortably. See you at work. Rey goes back up to Mia (who thanks him for taking the trash out) He declares it a good night. There’s one way to improve it, Mia kisses Rey (who pounces hungrily)

Reed confesses to his grandma – he’s ashamed and can’t believe she might die because of him. I’m so, so sorry. I’m just as bad as my Father.

In the hallway, Nate has no new news. An angry Nick will find someone who’ll DO something. No one can help, find Victor and prepare for the worst, Nate advises.