Thursday, December 27th

Nick decides to offer a reward. And why isn’t Rey here?! Vikki and Phyllis are calmer as Nick assumes someone’s targetted Nikki because of Victor (money or revenge) After Vikki goes to check on the kids, Phyllis suggests they go home. Nick will meet her there later – it’s his job to protect the family. I must do this alone.

Still speeding along, Nate tells Nikki that Victor wanted her moved to somewhere safe, where he can protect her. Nikki thought she was dreaming. Nate’s known cases of the voice of a loved one bringing someone out of a coma. Nikki’s sure Victor wouldn’t spare any expense or take any chances in saving her life. We argued (Nate implies that he was coerced into this – he’s here to protect his patient) Nikki tells Nate to have a little faith.

Nick walks into the station like it’s the octagon – he’s ready for that update Rey promised him and will sit right here and wait. Unsure of what to make of Rey’s nice guy act, Nick agrees to look through the hospital visitor logs to see if anyone stands out or brings up a red flag. Thanks, he mutters.

Holding Nate’s hand, Nikki assures him that he’s doing the right thing. Victor did bring her out of her coma (though it defies anything scientific) Nate doesn’t believe in miracles because he wasn’t able to save the love of his life. How do you explain that? Nikki can’t but she’s sorry. Nate also wonders how Nikki can reconcile the way she believes in Victor with all his sins and the bad things he’s done. Assuming he means JT, Nikki insists that Victor didn’t kill anyone. She’s agitated for a few seconds then fades. Stay with me! Nate orders.

Seated in desks across from one another at the station, Nick’s not such an ass. Used to a wide range of reactions, Rey’s been slapped by shoplifters, puked on by drunks etc. Sometimes its easier to deal in facts than emotions. The process can be comforting; running leads towards the truth. Nick can see how it would be satisfying *Ping* Rey thinks he has something – the key to finding your Mother.

The hospital is sending over security footage – but it’s a big file, he tells an impatient Nick (who whines ‘this sucks’) You and I aren’t that different, Rey surprises Nick. They then bond over having a love/hate relationship with their Father’s. Nick objects to the implication that he has blinders on (re: Victor) I see what you’re doing (using this conversation to lower my guard and give up information)

Back at GCM, Phyllis updates Vikki that Nick’s trying to do his own investigation. Vikki doubts he can – the cops don’t know all the facts. We need to tell them. Vikki would rather go to jail than lose her Mom. We’re confessing – tonight.

Nick and Rey watch security footage. The orderly shuts off the machine. To run tests? Why is he lifting Nikki onto a gurney? Who is that? Why isn’t anyone stopping him? Clearly, he has access and is no stranger to GCM. That’s our kidnapper; Rey freezes the screen.