Thursday, December 27th

Her blood pressure’s spiking through the roof, Nate becomes more urgent – he can’t find what he needs. Turn around! George can’t – he must follow Victor’s orders. If we don’t get back to GCM, Nikki dies, Nate sums it up.

The guy knew how to avoid the camera. It’s not someone just dressed as an orderly. Rey will have the photo enhanced and checked against the GCM staff. Nick hurries out – he’ll let Rey know if he finds out anything. Rey believes they’ll find Nikki.

The four of us telling the truth about JT’s death won’t save Nikki, it’ll put her in prison. Yes, Phyllis is thinking about herself (but also the other three too) You think Nikki wants you to sacrifice yourself? Plus, Rey won’t believe your confession – he’ll think you’re throwing yourself under the bus to save your Dad. Phyllis won’t sugarcoat this – if they wanted Nikki dead they’d have done it while she was helpless in bed. Our tormentor wants us all. We have to stick together to nail this SOB.

In his Mom’s room, Nick watches someone hurry past in scrubs and a mask. Hey! Hey! he calls out and catches up. Yanking the mask off, Nick’s stunned to see that it’s Nate.

Don’t make a scene… If you care about your Mother, Nate hisses. IF!? Nick sputters. This wasn’t my idea – I could lose my career over this, Nate explains that Victor orchestrated Nikki’s escape. I said no at first. Then he offered you money? Nick sneers. No, it’s what Nikki wants. Nate must get back to her with these meds. She relapsed. Calling the cops and getting me arrested will delay her treatment. Your choices are to trust me or to physically stop me from saving your Mother’s life.

In the ambulance, George is on the phone when Nate and Nick jump in. Nate quickly injects the syringe into Nikki’s IV. Nick wants to take his Mom back into GCM but George refuses to let them out. He’ll continue to follow the instructions given to him.