Friday, December 28th

Wow! Devon’s impressed with the job Anna’s overseeing at the penthouse (where they’re hosting a party) Yes, he’s OK with celebrating New Year’s Eve. Bring on 2019, he clinks her champagne flute (but drinks alone)

At Vikki’s, both she and Phyllis are frustrated that Nick’s not returning their calls. Could he have fallen into a trap? Is someone picking the Newmans off one by one?

‘We’re here’, George the gruff ambulance driver announces. ‘No way’ – Nick looks out to recognize the private airstrip his Dad’s used before.

Rey surprises Mia by coming home early. With the rest of the force out looking for Nikki, he can spend New Year’s Eve with his gorgeous wife. Mia hopes Nikki’s found – she was so sweet to me.

Devon has no intention of getting drunk tonight. Thanks to therapy, he has better ways to cope with his grief and anxiety. He’s sorry Neil and Lily won’t be there but is happy Anna will be. There’s no place I’d rather be, she gives her brother a hug as the first guests file in; Abby, Arturo, Lola, Fen and Cane (who makes a beeline for the bartender to order Scotch; and keep em comin’)

Getting off the ambulance, Nick and Nate shiver in the cold foggy night. Your Dad better know what he’s doing. Nick calls Vikki but barely gets a word out before George confiscates his phone. The line went dead, Vikki informs Phyllis.

George is following Mr Newman’s orders – no phone calls. He then opens his jacket to reveal a gun (which shuts up Nick and Nate)

No, George doesn’t plan on using the gun – as long as Mr Newman’s orders are followed. We’re all on the same side here, Nate reminds. Nikki’s safety is also George’s top priority. This is MY family, Nick still plays tough guy. Getting a call from Victor, George relays instructions to get Nikki inside. Then some questions will be answered.

Nick’s phone going straight to voicemail, Phyllis isn’t as freaked out as Vikki (who’s sure it’s all connected to JT) Worried they’ll be next, she thinks they should warn Sharon. Phyllis sends her a text then offers to stay and keep Vikki company. So, what now? We braid each other’s hair? As Vikki gets glasses and champagne, Phyllis ups the awkwardness by asking if she’d hoped to ring the new year in with Billy.