Friday, December 28th

Wheeling Nikki into a makeshift hospital room inside the private airport, Nick and Nate get another surprise when Victor steps out of the shadows.

Rey got tickets to a fancy New Year’s shindig. Turning his phone off to prove that he’s all Mia’s tonight, he tells her to go put her best dress on – let’s get the hell outta here ~hug~

The penthouse party in full swing, Devon tells Cane to take it easy on the drinks. Nearby, Abby’s chatting with Arturo, Anna, Fen and Lola; who announces that she and Kyle broke up (as he annoys her by sending another text) Fen leads her off for a chocolate martini (the best offer Lola’s had all night) Abby and Anna are left convinced that Lola and Kyle aren’t done for good – they just need a nudge.

Seated beside Nikki, Victor tells Nick (and Nate) that he was there off and on over the holidays. He will protect Nikki; take her somewhere she can recuperate (and he won’t be arrested) Say goodbye to your Mother; you won’t see either of us for a while.

Over popcorn and champagne, Vikki and Phyllis watch cooking shows on TV and insist they’re both over Billy. They also agree that it’s rarely a good idea to reconcile with an ex. Getting back together with JT was the biggest mistake Vikki ever made – she’s leery of going backwards (which seems to hit a nerve with Phyllis)

Nick can’t believe Victor was just going to whisk Nikki away without informing or consulting with anyone – does Mom even get a vote in this? She feels safer with me than with anyone else, Victor claims (which Nikki awakens to confirm) As Nate examines his patient, Nick grumbles at his Dad and asks if he killed JT.

You can’t rush perfection, Mia calls out as Rey waits outside the bedroom. Caving in to temptation, he picks up his phone but puts it down quickly when she comes out looking ‘amazing’. They’re taking selfies as Rey’s phone starts pinging. Ignore it, he says – turn it back off. Encouraged by Mia, he reads a text that busts the case ‘wide open’.

You think your own Father’s capable of murder? Victor’s indignant yet also assumes that Nick thought about killing JT himself (for hurting Vikki) Victor didn’t kill JT and will come back to clear his name once Nikki’s recovered. He brings George to heel so Nick can say goodbye to his Mom. Let everyone know I’m fine and wish them Happy New Year, Nikki croaks. Nate wants to know how long they’ll airborne and reassurance that his patient will be in capable hands. Yes, yours. Victor makes it clear that Nate has no say in the matter.

Rey updates Mia that Nick just made a call from a private airfield – his team’s heading there now, before Victor takes Nikki out of the country. Mia loves Rey and with a kiss sends him off where he needs to be. This is who you are (and the world’s a better, safer place because of it) With a kiss, Rey vows to make it up to her.