Monday, December 31st

Twas New Year’s Day and the jail cells are full;
There’s Nate, and Nick, and Victor. No bull.

Rey’s at the station, Chris is too.
He’s eager to press charges. She fears the risks if they do.

Nikki’s back in the hospital and calls for a nurse.
Not impressed when a cop comes in, she’s ready to curse.

Back at the station, ‘three world travels’ are in cuffs.
Nate’s mostly silent as the Newmans huff and puff.

Rey has 72 hours to press charges and will go by the book
Nikki’s safely in hospital, Rey sneers at Victor as if he’s a crook.

Vikki’s at home leaving another message for Reed.
Billy arrives – what do you need?

Explaining, Vikki worries Reed’s gone to the cops to confess
You’re on kid duty, she says in distress

Cane awakens on Devon’s sofa
Accepting coffee, he’s hella hungover

Rey and the DA smugly recite a long list of crimes.
The Newmans have rap sheets but it’s the good doctors’ first time.