Friday, December 28th

Back at the penthouse, Devon and Cane chat again about Lily (and Cane’s struggle) As Lola talks to Fen, Abby and Arturo about her upcoming head chef job, Kyle appears to watch her.

Nate’s now tending to Nikki on a private plane. Victor’s sorry about this and Nikki can’t thank her doctor enough. Buckling up, Victor leans over to hold Nikki’s hand.

The penthouse partiers countdown – 4,3,2,1! Happy New Year! As confetti and balloons fly, Arturo and Abby kiss. Kyle watches Lola and Fen share a kiss that’s definitely more than friendly. Cane appears to be passed out. Devon strolls over to the window to watch the fireworks.

Nick watches the plane. We have a problem – George summons Victor to the cockpit. Abort take off – we won’t make it (due to what appears to be the entire police force parked at the end of the runway)

Back at the house, Vikki reassures Reed that the horrible person who ran Grandma over and kidnapped her will be caught. It’s not the same person, Reed knows because he’s the driver. Needless to say, Vikki’s stunned.

Nick watches from inside. In the plane, Victor scowls – it ain’t over yet. Rey boards gun first, followed by backup. Victor Newman, you’re under arrest.

Coming up: You really ready to try it again with Vikki? Jack asks. Yup, Billy confirms …. Cane kisses Vikki (and seems to respond before pushing him away) … Keep your mouth shut and never breath a word of this to another living soul, Jill orders Cane … I know her a lot better than you, Kyle states. That doesn’t mean she belongs to you, Fen counters. Lola interrupts – just so we’re clear, I don’t belong to anyone…. Chris is beside Rey at the station – there’s been a decision made on another outstanding case. Victor Newman, you’re being charged with the murder of JT Hellstrom … Back at GCM, Nikki tells Vikki – I have to tell the police that I’m the one who killed JT.