Monday, December 31st

Rey interviews Nate, knowing this wasn’t his plan.
Nikki’s my patient, not a victim, Nate does what he can

Cane explains to Devon; he just wanted to forget for one night
Yes, Lily will be out soon but she’s different; things may not be alright

What a waste of taxpayer money interrogating an upstanding physician
Her Father lead off, Vikki races in on a fact-finding mission

She’s stunned by the update but relieved Reed’s not there to confess
Out Vikki marches still under duress

The cop guarding Nikki’s door won’t let Vikki in
Your boss won’t get away with this! she juts out her chin

Playing good cop, Chris appeals to Nate’s common sense
He must see his patient regardless of any criminal offence

And now it’s Nick’s turn to be questioned by Rey
He won’t be a witness against his Father; no way

After Nate examines his patient, Nikki tells Chris she wasn’t abducted
She begged Victor to take her; he shouldn’t be busted

Now home, Vikki rants about her Dad being charged and her son hitting Nikki
This must be eating Reed alive but you must tell the cops insists Billy

No, this isn’t like Adam running over Delia and Vikki’s not ‘lying’
She must go see Cane by herself, however horrifying

Nikki tells Chris how Victor brought her back from the dead
You’re gunning for him – THAT’s why we fled