Monday, December 31st

Chris finds it all so very hard to believe
Nikki came out of a coma and came up with a plan to leave

That’s how it happened and if charged the Newman’s will sue
Now get rid of that guard at the door too!

In the hallway, Devon threatens to call in GC Buzz
Chris has decided to release Nate; no more grief from the fuzz

At the Ashby home, Cane had no idea what transpired
Vikki tattles that Reed only drove because Charlie was wired

Don’t come into my home and trash my son
Ignoring Cane, Vikki’s only just begun

The finger-pointing and shouting becomes more intense
Until Cane can only nod and smile in his defence

Back at the station, Rey pressures Chris to make an arrest
If Victor’s released he’ll flee the midwest

Vikki continues to rant about the horrible Cane and poor Saintly Lily
Cane strikes back – then they kiss willy-nilly

Nick’s good to go, Rey’s moving on, its what’s best
He and Chris now tell Victor he’s under arrest

Accused of killing JT, Victor’s read his rights.
Happy New Year to all. Have a safe night.