Tuesday, January 1st, 2019

Cane and Victoria tell Billy that they were discussing the kids and the need to keep ‘things’ between them. After Cane leaves Billy wonders what’s up with him.

Lola’s ending her workday on the Crimson lights patio when Kyle arrives to plead his case; please, just hear me out.

Now home, Cane confronts Charlie on his lies and bad decisions. After what happened to Hilary how could you leave a woman to die at the side of the road?

Victoria’s not happy to have to be dealing with Cane again but relieved when Reed checks in to say he’s at a friends. Billy then delivers the bad news that Victor has been arrested for JT’s murder.

At the station, Abby accuses Mariah of reporting lies and convicting the innocent Victor in the court of public opinion for ratings and her pathetic show. He’ll come after you once he’s cleared, she warns.

Kyle continues to say all the wrong things. He doesn’t understand why buying Lola expensive things is wrong. You really don’t get where I’m coming from, Lola’s astonished. And Fen does? Kyle blurts out.

At the club, Mariah relays Abby’s constructive criticism to Tessa. Was I ‘just doing my job’? We both know Victor didn’t kill JT.

At the station, Abby demands to see her father. This is a mockery of justice! Fine, a few minutes, Ray lets her in the room to hug her father.

Charlie’s devastated about what happened to Nikki and so is Reed. You must hate me, he agonizes further. No, Cane wishes he kept a closer eye on Charlie and is saddened that can’t reassure his son that everything will be okay if Nikki dies.