Tuesday, January 1st, 2019

Sure, Abby sued her dad for half a billion dollars but that doesn’t make Mariah any less of a bad person. Tessa feels she’s being too hard on herself. Mariah must be a better person; for her viewers and for Faith. Tessa feels it’s better that Victor go to prison for JT’s murder (over Sharon)

Holding hands across the table Victor and Abby fuss over and worry about each other.

Here’s your chance to be a better person, Tessa gives Mariah a quick kiss and leaves her to join Fen at the bar. Both wish they could keep their big mouths shut. Thanking Mariah for her advice, Fen leaves to ask for a ‘do-over’.

Back on the patio, Lola can’t be with someone who uses money to show her that they care. Unfortunately, Kyle grew up equating love with expensive gifts. He gets it now and vows to change ~kiss~

Lola and Kyle are now officially back together. Arriving to watch them kiss through the window, Fen, holding a single red flower looks dejected.

Unable to get any information on Nikki (by calling GCM) Cane tells Charlie not to think the worst. He and Victoria will make sure that Charlie and Reed stay out of jail ~hug~

Rey returns to get an earful from Victoria. The Newman’s are not just rich and spoiled; she will do whatever it takes to prove her Father’s innocence!

Billy’s sure that Victoria can handle all the curve balls being thrown at her. You’ll carry your family like you always do ~kiss~

In his prison blues with ‘INMATE’ stenciled across the back, Victor scowls as he’s locked in a cell.