Thursday, January 3rd, 2019

Raking a little Zen sand garden, Vikki can’t shed any light on why she kissed a man she neither likes or is attracted to. As for Billy, he’s been wonderful; he makes me laugh like we used to. And the kiss? the psychiatrist probes. Vikki enjoyed it. Billy makes me happy. But how could I kiss a man that I loathe? she’s puzzled.

I don’t even like this woman – believe me, Cane insists. Jill does – so never tell another living soul; never tell Lily.

Nate’s summoned to his favourite patient’s room for an update. When can I get out of here? Nikki asks.

Jill lists all the good reasons why Cane should not tell Lily about this kiss. However hard it is for YOU, it’s a lot worse for her. Be the man she needs you to be. And stay away from this woman you kissed; she sounds like trouble, Jill warns.

Briefly touching on Billy’s past problems, Victoria believes he’s changed – he’s more mature, steady. But have *I* changed? Vikki trusted her instincts with JT and look how that ended. Vikki’s ashamed. The doctor suggests she not dive in t another relationship; ease into it slowly. Start by having a serious talk with Billy.

Back at the Abbott mansion, Billy wonders what his big brother would do. Jack wouldn’t wait one more minute before finding a way to show Vikki how much she means to him. Remind her how great you were together. Grabbing his jacket and straw hat, Billy heads off to do something he should have done a long time ago.

Examining Nikki, Nate wants to see her vitals a bit stronger before he lets her go home (despite her whining) Relax and enjoy being waited on hand and foot, Nate leaves Nikki to look disappointed.

Delighted when Jill drops by the house, Jack’s sorry to hear that she broke up with Collin. Jill plans to move forward – like Jabot did after Ashley left. If only she’d revealed the truth about Jack’s paternity before Kyle dug up Philip’s grave. They then discuss the fine man John was – he’d be proud of you, Jill gives Jack a hug. Watching them, Kerry retreats back into the dining room looking uncomfortable.

Back at her place, Vikki initiates a serious talk with Billy. She has strong feelings for him but isn’t ready to commit to a relationship. She’s afraid to try in case they fail. We’d get through it but what would it do to the kids? Now, what did Billy come over to say?

Introduced to Kerry, Jill’s delighted to meer Jabot’s new phenom! Jill was married to John and is Billy’s Father, Jack adds. I’m also a former Jabot CEO, Jill chimes in. Yes, ‘we go way back’. Oh, the stories she could tell. Kerry’s just relieved that Jill’s not another of Jack’s ex-wives. It seems he’s married half the women in GC. Not even trying to hide her grin, Jill will let Jack handle this one. Our relationship wasn’t always platonic, Jack admits.

Billy wants to be the man Vikki turns to – her safe place. Being here with her and the kids feels right; the way it was meant to be. Close your eyes. He pulls out the straw hat (a regift) It’s like the hat you wore in Jamaica. Billy feels the saw way now as he did then.