Thursday, January 3rd, 2019

Aware of the risks and willing to accept them, Nikki insists the nurse bring her the paperwork to sign herself out.

Kerry’s surprised to hear that Jack and Jill hooked up while she was married to John. Just the once? Uh – no – but it was decades ago and we’re just friends now. After Jill excuses herself, Kerry assures Jack that she’s OK with his past and appreciates his honesty. ‘Pleasure to meet you’, Kerry and Jill exchange pleasantries but Kerry’s smile fades as she wheels her luggage out the front door; leaving Jill and Jack happily reminiscing.

Nate chats to Cane about his recent adventure. Cane once thought about going on the run with his family. But what kind of life would that be? Nate disapproves. What kind of life do I have without Lily? Cane pouts.

Billy feels that he’s matured – he’s wiser – he won’t let Vikki down this time. He’s learned from his mistakes and will be worthy. Vikki leans away from his kiss – we can’t; not yet. Things are moving too fast. We need to go slow; very slow.

Out of bed and dressed but still in her room, Nikki’s on the phone – I’d like to add myself to my husband’s visitor list; Victor Newman.

Next week: Any idea how to pass the time??? Sharon asks (she’s in a single bed and Rey’s in another single bed nearby) … I love you, Kyle says. I love you too, Lola smiles .. I know who killed JT, Nikki whispers. Shhhhh – Victor never wants to hear Nikki say those words again …Phyllis is livid; Victor is as vile as JT ever was and deserves exactly what he gets! Vikki slaps her across the face.

My Thoughts: Since when were Jack and Jill so friendly? And why is Jack compelled to tell Kerry every single woman he’s slept with? They’ve acknowledged that he’s a playboy so can’t they just leave it at that? Or perhaps Kerry would like an alphabetized list – or better yet a bingo card she can fill out; she could probably get a full line by 9 am if she stops for coffee at CL’s (Sharon) then shares an elevator with Gloria, Lauren and Phyllis…. Odd that the press isn’t all over the latest Newman scandal. Is Mariah the only reporter covering it? …. Why o earth would Cane tell Lily that he kissed Vikki – while she’s in prison? I’m sure that’d be a comforting image to fall asleep to every night… Jack and Kerry’s vacation seemed awfully short. He didn’t even have time to get a tan.