Friday, January 4th, 2019

Buttoning up a shirt, Mia’s unhappy to hear that Sharon asked Arturo to check the thermostat (something she and Rey arranged without telling her) Mia needs to meet a client but won’t leave Arturo in the apartment alone. Suit yourself, Arturo shrugs and gets to work.

At the station, Rey gets a reluctant ‘congratulations’ from Sharon for arresting Victor. You don’t want the details? he relays arresting Victor as he was about to flee the country. What’s going on with you? Sharon sputters – are you sure you got the right man?

Yes, JT’s the reason Nikki fell off the wagon but it goes further back than his bloody shirt and gun being found in the stables – he abused Vikki and tried to kill you – twice. Nikki felt so helpless – and Rey’s been was interrogating her. Victor thinks that his fault too. He vowed to always protect Nikki. She will protect him too (and do anything to get Victor out of jail) Leave that to me, Victor says. Nikki’s not sure she can.

Vikki updates Billy; Reed and Charlie feel terrible and Nikki understands; she blames herself and doesn’t want the police involved. Billy hopes Reed appreciates what his Grandmother’s doing for him. When Vikki adds that she and Cane will ensure the boys face consequences, Billy feels bad about adding to her stress by asking to get back together. Vikki’s fine – she’ll take things one step at a time. Billy’s here to help her get through it ~hug~

As Arturo works on the thermostat, Mia fusses with her make up cases; she’s asked her client to come to the apartment. They banter and reminisce about a TV Arturo once borrowed and never returned. And then Rey; yes, he left for work happy, Mia confirms. We’re in a good place – we’re both happy. Arturo’s glad – and yes, he’s happy too. Abby’s special (because she’s drama-free and honest, not because she’s rich) Mia and Arturo then clink coffee mugs and toast to both getting what they want.

Rey wonders why, knowing everything Victor’s done, Sharon doubts that he murdered JT. You’re defending him like you did Vikki. It’s like you don’t want me to solve this case, he adds. Mariah arrives at the station to say ‘that’s ridiculous’ – Sharon was just telling me earlier that she can’t wait for this JT mess to be over with.

Reed comes back downstairs as Billy’s again offering to go talk to him. Go for it, Reed invites. As Vikki stands by, Billy talks (from experience) about what doesn’t work – sarcasm, snark, running away. Vikki joins in to ask that Reed believe in his grandfather. But no, it won’t bring JT back. Reed knows his Dad made mistakes, but he was a good Dad – I need to say goodbye to him. Vikki nods.