Friday, January 4th, 2019

Nikki can’t leave Victor (to go home and rest), not when she knows Chris is doing everything she can to convict him of murder. That’ll be hard without a body, Victor seems unconcerned about a circumstantial case. The reason you want to stay is to help me build a defence? Yes, what other reason could Nikki have? Victor wonders how she can be so sure of his innocence.

Mia closes in on Arturo to thank him for the talk – she’s glad they’re friends again. Arturo is too. Crazy how far we’ve come – you’re even opening up to me about Abby, Mia notes. Arturo made so many mistakes back then (with Mia). He’s grown up a lot; isn’t as jealous or hot-headed. Mia’s impressed – we had some intense arguments but made up just as passionately. Arturo can’t deny that. Suddenly awkward, he gets back to work (Mia knows she’s gotten inside his head)

Mariah’s back at the station to see if there’s an update on Victor. It is big news after all. Some think it’s ‘fake’ news, Rey eyes Sharon (then leaves the ladies to hiss at one another for a few seconds) Yes, Mariah was just leaving (now that she knows everything’s status quo with Victor’s arrest) Rey hands Sharon a folder – tell me Victor’s innocent after reading this. Sharon’s just worried about Nikki (since Victor can’t be with her) She’s also worried about Rey – Victor doesn’t forgive and forget. Rey’s not worried about Victor being a threat if released; this case WILL end in a conviction.

Victor knows Nikki loves him and has unwavering faith in him (as he does her) You’re on my side, he knows. That’s true, Nikki loves Victor – but there’s another reason she knows he didn’t kill JT – she knows who did.

The heat is now back on but Arturo suggests Mia talk to Rey about the furnace. Things get awkward again when they bump into each other. Glad their friendship is back on track, Mia hugs Arturo (who makes a hasty exit and leaves her to smirk with satisfaction)

Back at the station, Rey again talks to Sharon about Victor. He’d never want to see an innocent man convicted f a crime he didn’t commit. I have to get to an appointment, Sharon leaves Rey to think.

Reed never got a chance to say goodbye to his Dad. He’d like some sort of memorial. Billy agrees – that would help Reed move on. Yes, we can have it here, Vikki agrees.

Victor knows Nikki wants to help him but hushing her up, never wants her to say those words again (that she knows who killed JT) Keeping Nikki safe is the only thing that matters. Trust me – Victor is sure he’ll be cleared of these ridiculous charges soon. Don’t ever talk about this again, he silences Nikki with a kiss/hug.