Tuesday, January 8th, 2018

Jack absolutely believes Victor killed JT – but he provoked you; tricking Vikki and playing you so well (and trying to kill you twice) That had to sting. Mike won’t be representing me – no one will, Victor refuses to play the DA’s game. ‘It wasn’t me’ is your defense? Jack doubts Victor’s ability to look after his family when he’s not even looking out for himself.

Handed a contract that she’s encouraged to negotiate, Lola’s surprised to get a hefty advance cheque – this is too much! It’s not, Devon and Abby agree her talent is worth it. Shut up and enjoy it, Abby laughs.

Cane knows Vikki wants the kids there but not him (which he understands) Mom would go, the four of us, as a family, Mattie insists. It’s weird and hurtful for you to stay away. Please Dad, for Reed. OK, we’ll go as a family, Cane finally agrees.

Victor knows a lot of people want him to take the fall for JT’s murder – like Jack for instance. It wasn’t me – nice try though, Jack agrees that it could be another enemy or more likely, you murdered JT. Victor wouldn’t do that to Reed or Vikki – or be stupid enough to plant evidence in his own stables. Whoever’s framing him isn’t too bright. How about that, you could be telling the truth, Jack now considers.

Devon, Anna and Abby wrap up their meeting by discussing potential restaurant managers and bartenders. She’s pleased to see Devon doing so well and credits that to him working with his sister – don’t take family for granted.

Lola bursts into the Abbott mansion to update Kyle – everything going so well, with mutual respect and friendship. They gave me a huge advance that I haven’t earned. You have – all the prepping, researching and ingredients, Kyle knows that Lola’s been busting her butt. You poured your heart and soul into this. It’s pure and honest dedication that Kyle loves about Lola. I love you, he repeats. I love you too ~kiss~

Guilty or not you’re going down – and won’t be able to seduce the prison doctor this time, Jack taunts. They’ve got nothing to convict me on, Victor’s unconcerned. Wondering how many other people in here for life say the same thing, Jack exits.

My Thoughts: Why on earth would Lola be toting around ingredients and preparing a full menu in Devon’s tiny kitchen. If she’s so valued, why not let her use the kitchen (and staff) at the club Devon owns? Even the previous night’s preview menu for Kyle and the Rosales’ would have been easier to pull off at the Abbott mansion. Mrs Martinez might even have helped Lola in the huge kitchen she raved about when first given the grand tour. Failing all that, Lola has a fully equipped mobile food truck …. If Lola loves Kyle, why did he kiss Fen so passionately on New Year’s Eve? .. I hope Jack’s not going to take it upon himself to prove Victor’s innocence. And why didn’t he correct Victor’s claim that Jack’s working FOR Nick when technically he’s only ‘consulting’ for Dark Horse?… I guess Victor’s not heard the old saying that anyone who represents himself in a court of law has a fool for a client… It seems like we’ve seen the last of the saintly Lily – it sounds like her compassion has shifted from her family to her new felon friends.