Wednesday, January 9th, 2019

The obligatory enlarged, framed photo of the deceased and flowers in place, Vikki warns Reed not to expect a huge crowd. Billy quietly encourages Vikki – this won’t be easy but we’ll get through it together.

At home with Nick, Phyllis isn’t dressed because she’s not going to JT’s memorial and doesn’t approve of Vikki hosting it. Besides, I’m the last person she wants to see right now. Phyllis might slap Vikki back next time they cross paths. Nick clarifies that he’s going to support his sister and nephew, not mourn JT.

At the Abbott mansion, Traci’s going to JT’s memorial in part because of what he meant to Colleen. She’s happy to see Kyle all giddy – Lola makes him want to dance around the room. Make memories that will last forever, she advises.

Lola declares the makeup job Mia did on her ‘perfect’. Rey agrees – his sister is an elegant, classy woman. Tonight’s date is important, Mia can tell because last time she dolled Mia up was for prom. Lola intends to show Kyle how special he is to her.

As Reed welcomes his first guest; Nikki, Billy excuses himself to take a call from Hannah (who’s watching the kids at her place) Vikki’s left to chat with her Mom. I’m the reason Reed doesn’t have his Father anymore, Nikki couldn’t turn her back on him.

At Dark Horse, Abby thinks it sweet that Artur offers to go to JT’s memorial but she’s dragged him to enough drama-filled events so will see him tomorrow.

Nick’s tempted to stay home but promised his sister he’d be there. Before or after she hit me? Phyllis pouts. It might just be Mom and me, Nick adds. Nikki’s going? Phyllis is surprised. Yes, why wouldn’t she? Victor’s arrest and she just got out of intensive care, Phyllis then changes her mind and will go to support Nick. Don’t expect any crocodile tears for JT though.

I’ll be fine, Nikki assures Vikki – being here is a way to make amends and the least I can do for Reed. Vikki hopes she’s changed her mind on confessing. Nikki’s saved from answering when Charlie and Mattie arrive. look who I found loitering outside, Billy leads Cane in. He and Vikki immediately lock eyes.