Tuesday, January 8th, 2018

Anna returns to the penthouse with Nate (who made her realize this wasn’t the way to leave) Devon explains that he doesn’t know what he’s doing. He’s not sure why he reacted the way he did to her editing Fen’s song. I trust you. You’re right about the song needing more feeling. Please stay at the penthouse and Hamilton Winters. Anna agrees immediately. Nate’s smug – he’s right, as usual. Devon then hands Anna a gift bag from Fenmore’s (a ‘Family’ photo frame)

At home, Cane reads a letter from Lily. She wrote because their calls have been strained. Cane cracks open a beer and guzzles before continuing. Looking and speaking plainly, Lily explains that she’s growing closer to her fellow inmates. You and I talk about the past and future but not the now.  I feel like I’m losing who I was. Sorry, this isn’t what you want to read. She’s grateful the kids have him. Finishing the letter, Cane looks utterly depressed.

Led into a visiting room in handcuffs. Victor returns Jack’s forced smile/smirk.

I’ll be damned. Victor wastes no time reminding Jack that he’s working for his son while an outsider runs Jabot. Jack’s here to put Victor’s mind at ease (as a fellow patriarch) Your family has at times been my family – he’ll look out for them however long Victor’s ‘away’.  I run things from in here, Victor tells Jack what he can do with his generous offer.

At the penthouse, Abby briefly chats with Devon about her Dad then gets to business. Devon asks Anna to stay to sample Lola’s menu. ‘The woman of the hour’ arrives with her supplies. Things are going well right off the bat. Before they cross any dish off the list, give me a chance to explain why it speaks to me and for me.

The twins tell Cane that Reed invited them to a memorial for his Dad. All three of us should be there. Cane thinks that a bad idea.

Charlie and Mattie try to convince Cane – who implies that Vikki wouldn’t want them at her house.

Eating food served on wooden platters, Lola speaks animatedly about their project. Abby and Devon love her passion and food (as does Anna) While Devon thinks the pricing should be higher, Lola doesn’t want to price anyone out and is pleased that no dishes need defending. Abby’s convinced this will work. Devon has one more thing to discuss- we can’t move on til it’s settled.