Wednesday, January 9th, 2019

You’re getting back together with Vikki? Phyllis clearly disapproves. ‘You can’t rush things with kids involved’, Billy implies that Phyllis and Nick did. How long before you asked me to get back together with you? Phyllis reminds.

Rey calls Sharon – the drug house they raided had a kid there. Sharon offers to come in and explains to Vikki that she has to leave for a police emergency. I hope Nikki will be OK. Reed thanks everyone for coming (for him if not for his Dad) Does anyone have any good memories to share? After an awkward silence, Traci steps up to talk about how much JT cared for Colleen, he was such a good musician. He wrote a song about the power of love changing people. JT’s with Colleen now and has put the darkness behind him forever, she likes to think. As Reed thanks Traci with a hug, Phyllis all but rolls her eyes.

Mia shows Arturo a photo of a smiling Lola that she took earlier. He can’t believe how fast this is happening. She’s in her 20’s, Mia disagrees – we were younger when we fell in love. She then confides that she always worried about Rey’s dangerous work and that something might take him away from her. She feels that way again tonight.

Again dancing, Lola appreciates Kyle being so patient. It’s important that her first time is just right. Over Lola’s shoulder, Kyle’s disappointment is obvious (that tonight won’t be ‘the’ night)

Addressing the seated mourners, Reed remembers his Dad as a talented singer and songwriter. It was amazing playing guitar with him. When I got my DUI, he came back to town to help me get my life back on track. Mac approaches Reed – she’s glad he has such good memories – that’s the Dad his siblings will remember too, she vows. Reed then asks a weepy Nikki if she has anything she wants to share. I’m so sorry, Nikki blubbers. Phyllis has something to say that needs to be heard – by all of you.

My Thoughts: I don’t like to make comments on the actors’ appearances, especially with regards to age. But here goes – for the love of all that is holy, MTS (Nikki) no more low necklines and if you must do not be seated and hunched over like that. I was actually grateful when Reed’s ugly-cry face distracted me……. Oh Traci – sweet, naive Traci – do you really hope JT’s with Colleen right now? If so, let’s hope there’s a battered woman’s shelter in heaven … The only emergency slumlord Sharon should be attending to is the uninhabitable apartment she’s collecting rent on. Wouldn’t the apartment be on the same furnace as the coffee house downstairs? And I’m sure Mia has ANOTHER blanket she can offeer Arturo so they don’t have to cuddle together.