Wednesday, January 9th, 2019

Billy feels bad that he hasn’t visited his friend Lily. Mattie will give him the address – her Mom would love to see him. Aside, Cane tells Vikki that this is the last place he wants to be. When Billy comes over, they claim to be discussing the hit and run and disciplining the kids. Vikki goes to chat with Sharon and Cane sends Reed to the door to greet Traci (with Billy) She’s so pleased he’s honoring JT this way – you remind me of the best parts of him. Of COURSE there were good parts ~hug~

Their apartment again without heat, Mia hopes to be close to Lola again. Why don’t you like Kyle? Rey just doesn’t think he’s good enough for his sister. Lola’s in love; Mia knows the signs.

At the club, Kyle’s wowed by Lola – you look amazing. So do you. Bubbly huh? You went all out, he grins. Lola’s been planning the perfect romantic evening since she was 15. Kyle feels lucky to be the man to walk into her fantasy world ~kiss~

Mia’s annoyed when Rey gets called into work – be safe – the snow’s getting worse. He’ll call Sharon about the furnace. After Rey leaves, Mia calls Arturo – she can see her breath it’s so cold. He’ll come by after he wraps up at the office.

To us, Lola and Kyle clink champagne flutes then dance.

Mac’s pleased to be included and thanks Vikki for doing this. She was touched by Reed’s invitation and knows it’s hard to make peace with so many unanswered questions. Aside, Abby and Nikki are sure of Victor’s innocence. Nikki wants to bring her husband home. Sharon watches them hug. Arriving with Nick, Phyllis takes Vikki aside – what were you thinking? Letting Nikki come to this? It’s too much pressure for her. We have to get her out of here. The only person Vikki will be throwing out is Phyllis.

Arturo found a crack in the heat exchange so had to shut off the gas for the night. You need a new furnace. Arturo can do it tomorrow or maybe Sharon’s willing to pay for an emergency call. Or you can stay at a hotel or my place. Mia doesn’t think Rey will like that. Call a friend then – get creative – you’ll survive, Arturo’s done all he can so leaves.

The four co-conspirators have a quiet conversation. Phyllis knows that Victor doesn’t need Nikki saving him. This can’t come out. Even Vikki and Sharon seem alarmed that Nikki won’t make any promises.

Mac’s proud to know the twins (she carried for Lily) Cane then fills her in on the news that Nick’s with Phyllis. Billy doesn’t seem bothered. Indeed, he’s busy fussing over Vikki. Mac doesn’t seem happy about that and neither does Phyllis.

After dinner, Lola teases Kyle about him being a demanding customer when they first met. She assumed he was a rich, entitled kid. He made some assumptions too – that she was a heartbreaker. Kyle has a track record but how he feels right now is new for him – different from before. We’ve skipped all the game playing – seeing how crazy we can make each other. Being with Lola is so damn easy – like falling off a log. Don’t hold grudges; fix things and move on. He never thought he could relate to a woman. This is how you’re supposed to feel when you’re in love.

Mia’s teeth chatter as she drinks a hot chocolate then answers the door wrapped in a blanket. Arturo has a buddy bring a replacement part over. Mia was hoping Sharon would come through or Rey would come home with an idea. Come under the blanket and stay warm, she invites. Arturo hesitates before joining her on the couch under the blanket.