Thursday, January 10th, 2019

Standing beside JT’s framed photo to address the mourners, Phyllis feels they all need to be honest – once and for all about the flawed human they’re memorializing.

Still mummified in a blanket, Mia puts Arturo’s arm around her – scooch in closer, she demands. This is as close as I can get, Arturo claims. With clothes on, Mia’s joke makes him uncomfortable.

Driving through the dark snowy night, Rey and Sharon pat themselves on the back for a job well done. Hang on, Rey warns as the car slides off the road.

‘JT was a complicated man’ Billy tries to silence Phyllis. Nikki agrees it’s no time for grievances. Undeterred, Phyllis thinks it time they speak the truth. This isn’t the time or place, Vikki asks Nick to take his girlfriend home. No, Reed wants to hear the truth about his Father.

You OK? Yes. You? Rey and Sharon realize they must have hit a patch of black ice (and nothing else) They’d take the rest of the drive ‘slow’; if only the car would start.

Mia snuggles into Arturo and reminisces about the first time she gave him a haircut. They joke about how wild they were as kids; always getting into trouble. Rey was the opposite – a cop long before he had a badge, Arturo agrees. Mia’s grateful to have them both in her life. If only she could have two husbands. Arturo has something good with Abby. Mia agrees – it’s nice to finally be with the person you’re supposed to be with. Art squirms as if unsure whether she’s referring to him or his brother.

Still beside JT’s photo, Phyllis announces that he emotionally and physically abused Vikki. Reed protests – that’s not the man my Dad was – tell them Mom. I never wanted you to find out – not like this, Vikki sadly confirms. After Reed throws the framed photo onto the floor and marches off, everyone glares at Phyllis.

Rey and Sharon have walked to a seedy motel. As luck would have it, there’s only one bed.