Thursday, January 10th, 2019

Nick puts the photo of JT back up and thanks all for their kind words – careful on your way home, he takes Phyllis’ arm and is about to lead her out. Please stay, Vikki’s kept quiet long enough. She never wanted Reed (or anyone) to know the truth. There’s no reason to keep it a secret anymore. JT didn’t love me. She talks about how abuse can happen to anyone – the more we speak up about it, the less shame. Mac steps up beside Vikki – she now feels safe for the first time in a long time. We’ll get through this ~hug~

Stranded out of town for the night, Sharon calls Mariah regarding Faith and guesses Rey should let Mia know he won’t be home tonight too. I’ll give you some privacy.

Move closer! Mia demands or she’ll unleash her ice blocks (feet) It’s Rey! both she and Arturo scramble off the couch as she answers the phone. He’s not coming home til tomorrow. The car needs work. He snagged the last room at a motel in Kenosha and is glad to hear that Mia’s warm. Love you too – see you tomorrow. Rey hates lying. You didn’t, Sharon corrects – you left out a little fact; me.

Mia doesn’t feel bad about telling a white lie – we didn’t do anything wrong. Why does it feel like we did? Arturo sulks.

Mac talks about emotional abuse being insidious. Traci’s so sorry – she had no idea JT had become so troubled. Vikki’s glad Reed never saw JT raise a hand to her. Mac makes Vikki promise that this night be a new beginning ~hug~ Aside, Nikki feels Phyllis should be ashamed of herself; throwing Vikki and her family under the bus because she thought she’d confess. Phyllis hasn’t had a good night’s sleep since JT died.

There’s nothing you and I can’t talk about, Mia tells Arturo. He gets a call – his friend’s here with the part. Thanks Arturo, Mia says as pauses at the front door.

Rey tries to get comfy in a chair as Sharon (in bed) starts to remove her dress. Warn a guy – I’m a gentleman, he yelps as he turns around to avert his eyes. ‘Finished’ – Sharon smiles once safely under the covers. Give a girl a warning! it’s her turn to play shy when Rey removes his shirt and puts a blanket over himself. Are you tired? No, Sharon’s wound up. Any idea how to pass the time? Oh Rosales! she throws her pillow as he smirks from the chair. Sleeping yet? No. What do you want to do? she asks again.

Sending the twins to fetch his coat, Cane tells Vikki how sorry he is – he didn’t know JT hurt her. Nikki then comes to hug her daughter. Are you ever going to talk to me again? Phyllis doesn’t have an explanation for Nick. He’s taking his Mom home – see you when I see you, he growls as he marches off. Billy hands Phyllis her coat – just when I think you can’t get any worse. Phyllis looks back at Abby, Vikki and Nikki (more unfriendly faces) Abby hugs her amazing sister and Nikki then leaves as Reed comes down. Nick and Billy return as Reed asks Nikki what she was going to say earlier. It’s not important, she claims. Vikki admits that JT was abusive – but not to you kids. It’s my job to protect you. It was Dad’s job too, Reed asks if his Dad actually hit her. Vikki can’t say no but with a hug assures it’ll be OK. Reed sobs in his Mom’s arms as all watch on.

Arturo comes out to announce – we’ve got heat. Thank you! Mia launches herself into his arms – you’ve got magic in those hands. Cancel the emergency guy Sharon called, Arturo reminds.

We make a good team – I have the looks and brains, Rey jokes. They then briefly discuss Victor. Alarmed, Sharon looks at her phone ringing – it’s Mia! She’ll leave a message, Rey shrugs it off. Arturo calls the landline and after talking to Mariah reports that Sharon got stuck in Kenosha. Same place as Rey, Mia’s pissed – small world huh?