Thursday, January 10th, 2019

Mia now knows why Rey’s voice sounded different. Arturo disagrees- Sharon’s not like that and Rey would never step out on you. He wants her, Mia knows. She believed Rey’s lies – I was so worried about him. He doesn’t love me; he’s just going through the motions. I really tried, she weeps in Arturo’s arms.

Are you OK? Sharon asks as Rey tries to get comfy on the chair. Get in here – I’ll keep my hands to myself, cross my heart, she promises.

Coming down from Reed’s room, Vikki’s sorry she didn’t confide in Billy. He wishes he could have done something to help her – don’t blame yourself. I was so scared JT would kill me, she confides. He threw me around like I was nothing. And I took him back. You have nothing to feel guilty about, Billy wishes JT were still alive; I’d kill him myself.

Served a glass of wine, Vikki’s not sure why Phyllis said what she did. Billy’s proud of the way Vikki handled herself – you were very strong. Vikki credits Billy’s support. Having you around is … amazing, Billy jokes. Both are glad he’s here. Because I’m good at washing dishes? Because I still love you, Vikki admits.

Sharing a bed, backs turned to one another, Sharon and Rey are both wide awake. Sweet dreams, Sharon says. Sweet dreams, Rey echoes.

At home, Abby smiles at her phone; open to her contact page; a tiny photo of Arturo. She couldn’t be more smitten.

Back at the apartment, Mia worries that her cheating with Arturo pushed Rey into another woman’s arms. I deserve this. Everything will be OK, Rey rubs her shoulders. The Mia he knows is smart, strong … beautiful. They’re about to kiss when he suddenly backs off – what are we doing? I’m so sorry if I gave you the wrong impression. I can’t do this. Neither can you, he decides.

Nick’s brought Nikki home (though I don’t recognize the set) No, there’s no need for him to stay and help her settle in. After ‘I love you’s’ are exchanged, Nikki’s alone for seconds when she looks at the fireplace and screams in horror. Nick comes back to wonder why his Mom’s screaming at a poker. No! don’t touch it! It’s a murder weapon, Nikki screeches. Who’s murder??? JT’s. How would you know that? Nick’s horrified by what comes next. Because I killed JT, his Mom confesses.