Friday, January 11th, 2019

I killed JT, I didn’t mean to do it, Nikki’s first in panic-mode then more calm as she convinces Nick.

Billy offers support and to spend the night. In the guest room – get your mind out of the gutter, he jokes. You’re my rock, my anchor – Vikki does love Billy but – sorry – her emotions are all over the place. We’re good, Billy gives her a sweet kiss on the cheek and leaves.

Arturo accuses Mia of orchestrating the night – with her fake tears etc. You think I tried to seduce you? Mia’s indignant; our ‘almost-kiss’ is not because we were each other’s first? I love your brother. But he can’t forget the past and is punishing me for it. He makes me feel alone and unhappy – he withholds his love and isn’t present the way a husband should be. I need someone who’s in it heart, body and soul. Rey has feelings for Sharon – I see the way they look at each other. We can’t go down this rabbit hole again, Arturo feels the icy roads are less ‘dangerous’ so escapes.

In bed, Rey and Sharon are both wide awake (but otherwise ignoring each other)

Nikki tells Nick the whole story; how JT began controlling Vikki, breaking her spirit – then choking her. That night, she ran upstairs and saw JT hurting Vikki. I am her Mother, she repeats – I snapped, grabbed the poker and hit him as hard as I could. Then the horror set in – what had I done? Why didn’t you call the police? Nick asks. Nikki explains her and Vikki’s decison. We talked, cried – JT was gone and nothing could change that. Next? We made a bad decision – wrapped his body in a carpet and buried him under Kay’s sculpture. How long has the body been there? Months. He was dead when you were impersonating him. Nick’s so sorry. Nikki doesn’t know who’s doing this or where the poker came from. She threw it in the lake. There’s also the gun, the bloody shirt – and JT’s clothes laid out in her bed. That’s when Nikki started drinking. Nick will ramp up security. Nikki believes that Victor knows and is behind bars to protect her.

‘I should have listened to you last night’. Phyllis sends a series of text messages to Nick. Where are you? (it’s now the next day)

Nick updates his Mom that security has been ramped up and will be tailing her. She wants to carry on as normal but Nick’s priority is keeping his sister and Mom safe – and clearing his Father.

Rey comes out of the bathroom to find Sharon sitting up in bed and wondering if he left her during the night. As she puts her wraparound dress back on, Rey buttons up his shirt. Sharon raves about a breakfast spot she wants to stop off at on the way home. Looking at his phone, Rey needs to call his wife.