Friday, January 11th, 2019

Abby comes down in a pink robe, surprised to find Arturo banging on her door. He didn’t get the text she sent last night (hoping he’s warm) I have something to get off my chest, he blurts out – I love you.

What the hell were you thinking yesterday? Billy scolds Phyllis at CL’s; telling a grieving kid that his Father was abusive. He’s the victim, Vikki’s the victim, not YOU. It wasn’t your place. Vikki sat through that memorial for her son. You left us (me, Reed and Vikki to pick up the pieces) You’re the knight in shining armor – you should thank me, Phyllis quips. That’s petty, even for you, Billy’s unamused.

Arturo blathers on about his parents being broken, miserable and bitter. He never wanted to turn into that guy. Abby knows he’d never hurt her that way.

Rey calls Mia – good morning. He has his phone off to conserve the battery and stayed in a cheap motel with a crappy mattress last night. Mia was just checking in. I’ll be home soon – I love you so much. Love you too, Mia hangs up. Emerging from the bathroom, Sharon tells Rey not to feel guilty – we had no choice. We’ll go back to town as if nothing happened – because nothing did. Stopping for breakfast probably isn’t a good idea, she realizes.

Back at Vikki’s, Billy got there as soon as he could. He’s been thinking about Vikki and Reed all morning. When Vikki said ‘I love you’ he thought she wanted to get back together. He now likes himself. He likes his life. He likes the status quo. Billy wants them to be open – no pressure. Vikki agrees; that sounds perfect. Reed comes down to say he’s not avoiding his Mom. He’s so sorry ~hug~ Vikki’s sorry too.

Picking up the poker placed in front of the fireplace, Nikki then heads for the vodka sitting out on the bar.

Rey comes in to hug Mia. He’s glad he caught her before he went to work. Sorry I didn’t make it home to you last night. Mia wanted him to be there too. Was the trip a success? Yes. we got the bad guys. Mia’s not surprised – when you want to get someone, you get them. Did someone come by to fix the furnace? Mia then announces that she called Sharon – she was on police business too – in Kenosha.