Friday, January 11th, 2019

You have nothing to be sorry about, Vikki reassures Reed as Billy watches on. My Dad was a bad person? JT made some mistakes, Vikki’s diplomatic and glad Reed has good memories to cherish. Billy agrees and both are sorry Reed found out the truth the way he did. Things will get better now, Reed wants to stay home and get back to school. With a hug, Vikki agrees.

After Abby comes down from tending to Dina, Arturo mentions his relationship with Rey. His affair with Mia was the biggest mistake of his life; it was dramatic and unhealthy. He fell back into it because he didn’t think he deserved better. Abby assures him that he does.

Rey omitted something he knew would upset Mia for no reason – now, what are YOU hiding? Arturo was the one to fix the furnace, she admits. Why should that upset me? It shouldn’t, Mia agrees.

Rey’s happy that Arturo was here for Mia and is ready to trust and move on with her. Our marriage must be stronger than our suspicions. Nothing happened, he swears. Mia misses Rey and gets insecure. Rey swears his undying love – we’re fighting for each other. I’ll be damned if I let that go now. Yes, Mia believes Rey ~kiss~

Something changed for Arturo; he’s not scared anymore. He sees a future with the woman he loves. He came over so early because he wants the future to start now. Joined at the lips, Arturo carries Abby upstairs.

When Nick comes home, Phyllis asks what she can do to earn his forgiveness. Come here and kiss me, he surprises her. You are forgiven ~kiss~ Why? You didn’t mean to hurt anyone – got caught up in the moment – and, Phyllis’ honesty is one of the things Nick loves most about her.

At home, Nikki pours all the bottles of booze down the drain.