Monday, January 14th, 2019

On his way out, Mike exchanges pleasantries with Jack and Kerry (playing hooky) at the bar. Since Dina’s been taken for a checkup, the Abbott mansion is empty. Why are we here then? Kerry wonders. Beats me, Jack escorts her out.

Now at the house, Kerry sits Jack down – eyes closed (she has a surprise in her purse) She waves a fragrance sample beneath his nose. It’s a cologne she created – Jack of Hearts – a unique scent just for the irresistible Jack. Off come the clothes.

Vikki’s adamantly opposed to her Mom telling Nick. He doesn’t know every detail, Nikki restricted it to just the two of them. Vikki still worries – Nick’s changed since he started Dark Horse. Sure, he loves us but he’s cocky enough to take it upon himself to go to the police if he feels that’s what’s best. Then, we’re screwed.

Arrogance does not become you, son. This is more complex than you realize. Victor’s courtroom strategy was not a ‘disaster’; it was a necessity. Nick will do what’s best for Mom (on cue, Mike enters) What the hell are you doing here? Victor doesn’t need a lawyer – kindly show yourselves off these premises.

At the penthouse, Devon toasts both Fen and Anna with Mimosas. He wishes the songwriter were here and hopes to hear more from him (and also Fen’s originals) After Devon leaves, Fen thinks it messed up that Anna can’t celebrate her full accomplishment.

Nick and Mike agree that Victor shouldn’t go against Christine without representation. Victor knows what he’s doing. Mike doesn’t think there’s enough evidence to even hold Victor. Rejecting another bail hearing, Victor prefers to work on his defense in isolation. After Mike’s dismissed, Nick won’t apologize for calling his Dad a liar – stop pretending this is just about you.

Nick’s not the villain here – drop the paranoia a notch. Nikki was on the verge of a panic attack (and drinking) Your brother helped me get through it. He’s not the problem – ‘this’ is (the poker) Who put it there, and why?

Catching Kerry sneaking something into her purse, Jack realizes that she was about to rush out without saying goodbye.

Vikki doubts it’s the same poker. The odds of someone finding it at the bottom of a lake are minimal. It might not be the same one, but close enough to know how to torture us with it – they’re experts – they know everything, Nikki frets. This is getting way out of hand, Vikki hates that her Mom’s going through this.