Monday, January 14th, 2019

Nick shares his theory on why Victor doesn’t want a lawyer – the stakes are too high in this chess game. Perhaps you think it’s safer to stay put. Victor can’t deny it. Your family needs you free – one person in particular, Nick is indeed worried that his Mom can’t handle it. I can’t be any plainer than that. What changed? I know you had nothing to do with JT’s death. Let Mike get you back to the wife who needs you now more than ever.

Mie rejoins Lauran at the club. He’s still not as optimistic about Fen’s future in music – he’ll need more than one hit on the radio. He wishes he’d gotten a look at Fen’s contract with LP. Devon’s an honorable and Fen studied contractual law. Lauren just wishes Fen could record his own songs (instead of this young, hotshot writer)

At the penthouse, Anna gives Fen his next song (which must be stronger) Again, she refuses to claim ownership of her songs. Your brother wouldn’t take advantage of you, Fen thinks she’s lying. Why stat anonymous Anna admits she is but it’s time for Fen to go.

Kerry admits she was going to sneak out – to avoid drama and upsetting Dina. I’d have called you from the office. Let’s finish this conversation another time. No one’s coming home for hours – and Jack still doesn’t understand why Kerry would sneak out. He’s confused. Kerry will make it up to him. Sending him upstairs, Kerry will meet him after she gets a glass of water.

Nick was hoping Victor would agree to hire Mike and get out on bail. Mom’s got a lot going on and can’t handle this alone. Let’s put our differences aside – trust me – let Mike take your case. Victor seems to consider it.

Anna tells Fen to keep his mouth shut about who’s writing his songs – unless he wants to ruin a good thing.

Alone in the living room, Kerry looks around nervously as she pulls a syringe out of her purse.

Call Baldwin and get him on this immediately. Tell your Mother not to worry about a damn thing, Help is on the way. I’m proud of you, Victor mumbles as the guard leads him out.

Cuddling her daughter, Nikki reassures her that sticking together is the best way to get through this nightmare. We’ll find out whos tormenting us and stop them. The camera pans out to reveal that the room is under video surveillance.