Thursday, January 17th, 2019

Thank God you’re a terrible shot, Victor quips as he rounds the corner to surprise Nikki. I’m so glad you’re home – how is it possible? she hugs him.

At CL’s, Mariah talks to Nick about being all over the news (defending his Dad) He’s sure his Dad’s innocent and appreciates that GC Buzz has stopped airing the clip of Victor threatening JT (though it’s already gone viral) When Mariah agrees that Victor’s innocent, Nick wonders what makes HER so sure.

Lola’s at the Abbott mansion – where’s Kyle taking her tonight? Outer space. What? Lola laughs.

What’s going on here? Billy finds Vikki and Cane kissing on her couch. What are you doing here!? she asks. It’s not what it looks like, Cane claims. Vikki steps in between to the men. I kissed him, she tells Billy.

Outside, Lola and Kyle look up at the stars. As Lola looks through a telescope, Kyle points out a star that will be ‘our’ star.

Reminding Nick that she was once one of Victor’s coconspirators, Mariah knows that Victor would avenge JT in a less mundane fashion – he’s being framed. Yes, GC Buzz is backing off on the story. Relieved, Nick’s glad they’re on the same side.

With another hug, Victor reassures Nikki that she has nothing to fear now that he’s home. Mike pulled some strings – he shows off his ankle monitor and promises not to break the rules. Victor’s so happy to be back in Nikki’s arms. Somewhere, someone is watching via numerous hidden cameras.

Billy accuses Cane of taking advantage of Vikki and scolds him for cheating – again; Lily deserves better. Vikki doesn’t think Cane owes any apologies – we got caught up in the moment. After Cane leaves with his tail between his legs, Billy doesn’t want to talk. Billy has things to say – hear me out.