Friday, January 18th, 2019

Phyllis continues to persuade Sharon – we need to protect ourselves. We are each other’s best hope right now.

Is it my kids? My Dad? Devon? Cane? (awkward silence) Lily’s blames herself for their last visit not going well. Tell me the truth – you’re scaring me. I shouldn’t have come, Billy squirms – then finally tattles that he caught Cane and Vikki making out like teenagers.

Sharon finds it ironic that Phyllis came to her for help instead of Nick. She did see his and Vikki’s car at the ranch earlier. Phyllis sees that as proof that the Newmans are circling the wagons. We need to act NOW.

Lily wants to hear it again. Billy elaborates; Cane and Vikki were all over each other. She claims it hasn’t gone further but it’s not their first kiss. Lily feels sick – why would Cane do that? Enraged, Lily must continue to be a model prisoner. She appreciates Billy telling her. You gonna be OK? Billy’s concerned. Yes, Lily’s learned to be tough in here; she’ll survive this by any means necessary.

When an angry Arturo arrives at the apartment, Mia downplays her chat with Abby and claims there’s no harm in saying it felt like old times. She then insists she’s just trying to protect Arturo from Ms Fancy Pants (who will surely dump her boyfriend from the wrong side of the tracks) You came over instead of texting or calling – there will always be something between us.

When Rey comes home, Mia says Arturo’s there about the furnace. He watches on as Mia sits Rey down to gush about how much shes changed. You’re the love of my life – no more broken promises. Nothing can tear us apart. Will you marry me again? she sniffles. Nothing would make Rey happier ~hug~

Sharon may not trust Victor but she implies that she does trust Nikki and Vikki; there’s no proof they’re conspiring against us. Also, she doesn’t trust Phyllis and will take her chances on her own (and exits)

In the visiting room, Cane’s told that visiting hours are over – and Lily already had a visitor; Billy Abbott.