Friday, January 18th, 2019

Rey leaves Mia to taunt Arturo about the flowers he bought Abby (because of what happened the other night, she assumes) Abby doesn’t know her boyfriend has it bad for his sister in law. Arturo tells her to forget it – he’s committed to Abby. Mia’s left to smell the flowers as Abby comes back inside to snatch them away. Mia comments that of all the women Arturo could have, he settled for you.

Sharon doesn’t appreciate threats, especially from Phyllis. I’m not the threat – Phyllis warns that the Newmans are closing ranks; Nikki confessed to Nick – how long before she tells Victor? They’ll pin JT’s murder on us to keep Nikki out of prison.

Mia agrees that Arturo buying flowers for Abby is sweet – but he won’t settle down. Arturo’s a different man than he was in Miami, Abby claims. Mia disagrees – when he came to fix the furnace the night of the storm, it felt like old times. Oh, he didn’t tell you? Maybe that’s why he bought you flowers. Don’t you have someone’s nose hairs to pluck? Abby leaves telling Mia to worry about her own man.

Mattie wants to go read her essay to Lily; we’ll do this together. Cane has to do this alone. Mattie doesn’t even want to know what’s going on but don’t come back until you fix it. Promise me everything will be OK. With a hug, Cane does – I love you.

Lily’s surprised to hear that Fen’s on his way to being a pop star but again asks why Billy came. He should have come to visit his friend sooner. Lily wants her friend to be honest with her – what aren’t you telling me?

Abby wastes no time finding Arturo at Dark Horse to rant about Mia trying to turn his good deed into something he’s keeping from her. Who cares if you fixed her furnace? Arturo has no need to be sorry. You’re my future – my everything, Arturo hugs Abby but looks worried.