Monday, January 21st, 2019

I’m having a hard time typing today so using voice to text. Please excuse any typos and names being misspelled etc.

At CL’s, Mike goes all fanboy with Sharon and Nick when he hears Fen’s song playing.

Assured that their Dad’s visit with Mom went well, the kids leave Cane to call Jabot looking for Billy. No message – I’ll track him down.

In her office, Phyllis raves about the cologne Kerry created exclusively for Jack. She too gets along with her exes – but seconds later is scowling at her computer and barking into the phone at Ted – get Billy in here NOW.

Rey dreams of going to a soccer match in London but Mia’s more excited about making wedding plans. Neither wants to wait and Rey’s eager to help. He does have to wonder what makes Mia want to renew their vows – why now?

Mike has got a busy day but we’ll stop by Nick’s place after work. Hovering, Sharon looks worried as Nick vows to find out who framed his dad.

Pissed off that Billy took the company jet last night, Phyllis instructs Carrie to take Jack’s call – he might know where Billy is. Nope, he lies as Billy comes down the stairs. He’d rather not talk about the friend he was helping last night.

Massaging Rey’s shoulders, Mia says she just couldn’t be without him any longer. She wants to show the world that love can conquer all. The world? Rey wants a small wedding. Mia does not.

Back at Crimson lights Sharon tells Nick to ease off. Ray is only doing his job he honestly believes Victor is guilty. Nick surprised that both she and Mariah are keeping an open mind. Sharon does have plenty to say about Phyllis though.