Friday, January 18th, 2019

When Cane comes home to inform Mattie that he’s going to visit Lily tonight, she’s suspicious. Cane just feels like being spontaneous and misses his wife. Meanwhile, Billy’s waiting to visit Lily.

Seconds after Arturo meets Abby at CL’s (with flowers) Rey comes along. Sharon overhears his advice – when you find the right woman, don’t let her go. Stepping into the kitchen, Sharon takes a call from Phyllis – who has a business opportunity for her. Sharon will pass. That would be a huge mistake Phyllis warns.

Rey hopes Abby’s right about her Father – oh, you didn’t know he’s out on bail? Grumbling that she’s always the last to know, Abby excuses herself. Rey stops Arturo from heading back to work – we have to talk.

Sharon arrives at Phyllis’ office – let’s make this quick. Phyllis was lying about the business opportunity to get Sharon there – she’s gauging her MO out of necessity. With Victor out, we can’t trust Nikki and Vikki. We could go to prison for life.

* Sorry, no time to proofread or spellcheck today *

Rey looks at the flowers on the table – that’s what Dad used to do when he made a mistake. He lists Abby’s good qualities and hopes him investigating her Father hasn’t caused tension. Abby and I are solid and yes, Arturo’s thinking about settling down. He’s sorry about what happened with Mia last year. It was messed up. Rey admits that they broke his heart but he and Mia got through it – we’re stronger than ever and he got his brother back. Arturo now appreciates Rey being the role model his Father wasn’t ~hhug~ Mia watches from the doorway.

Lily gives Billy a hug – it’s so good to see you – why are you here?

Cane’s not avoiding Mattie’s questions – he has to drive out to see Lily. He’s not lying – it’s complicated and Cane’s not comfortable sharing his reasons; long distance relationships are hard work. Mattie announces that she’s going too.

Billy tells Lily how great she looks; nothing will dim her beauty. Lily laughs – it’s nice to hear a compliment. Now, why did Billy take the company jet here? Lily wants juicy gossip about the happenings in GC.