Monday, January 21st, 2019

At Jabot, with his flowers and his picnic lunch, Jack’s told by a security guard that Kerry left the building. When he calls, Carrie’s sitting in her car, but claims she’s in the lab and too busy to have lunch. She then makes a call – I’m running late but on my way.

No, Billy doesn’t blame Vicky and still believes Cane took advantage of her. She came on to ME, Cane reminds – you’re just pissed because she doesn’t want you back.

On the patio, Sharon gives Rey a refill. Yes, he is relaxed, due to cracking the Hellstrom case (and won’t try to change Sharon’s mind on Victor’s guilt) As Ray claims to be happy with Mia and Sharon claims to be happy for him, Mia watches through the window.

Nick’s sorry he had to ask Phyllis to leave the room while he was talking to Mike. Understanding, Phyllis would rather focus on what they have in common ~kiss~

Cane thinks Billy no better than Phyllis; jealous, spiteful and throwing grenades. You were perfect for each other. Billy’s not sorry and feels Lily deserves better than Cane (who vows he will live to regret it)

Mia gushes about Ray taking her out for lunch today – and the wedding she and her beloved are planning. Hope you can make it, bring a date. With a glance back at a sad-looking Sharon, Ray follows Mia out.

As Phyllis kisses his neck, Nick’s distracted by Jack’s words earlier – she could be the one framing his dad. Sharon and Mike’s suspicions also echo in his head.