Monday, January 21st, 2019

Accosted in Phyllis’s office, Billy won’t say where he took the jet last night. Blaming Phyllis’ outburst the other night, Billy’s warned that he might lose his job.

At Dark Horse, Nick gives Jack a long list of suspects who might be framing his dad; Kevin, Chelsea, Luca – maybe even JT. Swearing that it’s not him, Jack throws another name out; Phyllis.

Mia assures her frugal hubby that she’ll keep the budget and guest list small. Ray even agrees that Arturo should stand up for him. With a kiss he goes downstairs to have a coffee while Mia gets ready to go out for dinner.

Summoning Jack back into his office, Nick agrees that Phyllis has motive to frame Victor. You can’t believe it or you don’t want to believe it? Jack has to wonder.

Phyllis comes home to find Mike bopping around her living room with earphones on, listening to Fen’s new song. She’s not impressed to hear that Mike plans to have the charges against Victor dropped.

Taking a gulp of his drink, Billy puts his glass down. He’s not surprised that it’s Cane pounding furiously on his door (and then his face)

Nick comes home to find Mike and Phyllis both enjoying Fen’s song. After she’s politely dismissed, Mike relays that Phyllis is not happy that he plans to have the charges against Victor dropped.

Jack’s at Crimson lights to order a picnic lunch to surprise Carrie. Kyle’s motivating him to up his game. He and Lola are so cute together. Things are looking good for the Abbott men; Sharon hopes that Billy and Vicki will put their family back together, now that Phyllis is out of the way.

As Billy dabs at his bleeding nose, Cain shouts about him blabbing to Lily. I was going to tell her! You had no right to get involved!