Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019

Summoned to the apartment, Arturo looks worried. Ray has a serious question to ask – will you be my best man?

Mia is at crimson lights, struggling to carry a box that arrived in the mail; her wedding dress. Catching the box as it’s about to fall, Billy flirts with Mia. As the two share a laugh Sharon comes in to glare.

Coming home unexpectedly, Devon watches Anna. Quickly removing earbuds she puts her notepad away and claims she was arranging Devon’s schedule. Suspicious, he asks about the songwriter and is quickly left on his own left to ponder.

Cane barges into Vicky’s home. No surprise – he’s there to discuss Billy.

Nick’s at the club when he gets a call from Phyllis but tells her he’s at Dark Horse in meetings all day. When Nikki arrives, he wants to discuss suspects. Who knows what you and Vicky did and is setting up Dad?

** Voice to text again and judging my the mistakes I spotted I’m not much better at speaking than I am typing 😉 **

Vicky’s horrified to hear that Billy flew out to see Lily before Cane could tell her himself. But, if we’re being honest, he was just the messenger.

Sharon interrupts Billy and Mia flirting. Of course she’ll be at the wedding vow renewal this afternoon – wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Meanwhile, over beers, Arturo agrees to be Rey’s best man. He wishes his brother and Mia the very best. Arturo looks up to his older brother – always has. Mia arrives to agree that Rey does deserve to be happy – we both do.

Over lunch Nick tells his mom that whoever is framing Dad knows a lot about what happened that night. We can’t rule anyone out.