Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019

Agreeing that they really don’t like each other, Cane and Vicky try to figure out why they kissed. Commiserating, it seems they have a lot in common; dissatisfaction with their lives.

Giving Ray a kiss, Mia is off to secure the location. No, she won’t say where – a few secrets are good for a marriage. She smirks when Arturo is visibly stunned to hear that it was her idea he be Rey’s best man.

Whoever is framing dad was either with you or watching you; Nick suggests it might be JT. Suddenly exhausted, Nicki leaves but bumps into Mia on her way out. Escaping with forced politeness, she makes a call on her way out – don’t move. I’m on my way over.

Mia accosts Devon (with Anna) at the bar. Shamelessly name dropping, she waves at her friend Nick (who waves back without enthusiasm) Devon doesn’t think Lola would like being used to score a wedding venue but reminded of Hillary (who also wouldn’t say take no for an answer) he finally agrees and will even pay for food and drinks. After Mia happily bounces off, Devon corrects Anna – nobody works him; he just lets them think they do.

Over coffee, Cane tells Vicky not to write or visit Lily. He’ll go and tell her that he will be the man she deserves. Vicky agrees, we should steer clear of each other; you should stop coming to my house, she quips. Putting his coat on, Cane’s glad he came over to clear the air. Arriving, Billy is not.

Downstairs, Ray tells Arturo to take a seat at Crimson lights. At the counter, he’s sorry that Mia blurted out the news to Sharon and understands if she doesn’t want to attend the wedding. I see no reason why not, Sharon won’t be intimidated by Mia. She then answers her phone.

Back at the penthouse, Devon presses Anna; he wants to see her notepad and know who the songwriter is. You’re not as good a liar as you think you are.

After a few nasty words Cane leaves an angry Vicky to ask Billy how he could do that to Lily.