Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019

Vicki demands that Billy leave. It’s HIS fault that things aren’t working out between them.

Accusing Anna of lying to him, Devon did some snooping. The name on the songwriters’ LLC is hers.

Ray’s upstairs, Arturo tells Mia when she arrives at crimson lights. Told about the venue and Devon’s generous offer to pay for food and drinks, Arturo wants to get something straight with Mia.

Not a ‘pet poodle’, Phyllis doesn’t appreciate Nikki telling her to stay. She also doesn’t appreciate Nikki’s accusation that she’s lying about throwing the poker in the lake. You’re framing my husband for what WE did.

Billy loves Vicky and denies she was used as a prop to get back at Phyllis for rejecting him. Billy then leaves her something to think about – you can’t care about anybody anymore.

Anna continues to lie until Devon threatens to pull Fen’s song. Okay, the songwriter is me, she finally admits.

Arturo thinks this vow renewal a bit desperate rushed; he wonders if Mia planned it because he threatened to tell Ray what happened between them. No more temptations or mistakes – Mia is getting on with her life and suggests Arturo do the same.

Still seated at the club, a worried Nick looks at a photo of himself and Phyllis on his phone.

Refusing to leave the Phyllis’ office, Nicki says ‘we’ve never been a gang of four; it’s always been three plus one’. Cornered, Phyllis finally admits that Nikki’s right; she never threw that poker into the lake – it was an insurance policy.