Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019

The lyrics and melody were mine, Anna seems surprised that Devon thinks she’s talented. Why hide behind a fake name? Why not trust me?

Phyllis held onto the poker for insurance against the Mother and daughter duo who might throw her and Sharon under the bus. YOU’RE the weak link who blabbed to Nick and Victor, Phyllis shouts – she has no idea how that poker made its’ way to the ranch. No one knows when to believe a liar, Nikki comments.

In their apartment, the schmoopy Rosales’ are ever so in love. Lola interrupts – no kissing! And Rey’s to go get dressed at her place with Arturo. You only have one do-over, Lola then gets down to the business of making Mia even more gorgeous.

Kyle and Abby are dressed for the wedding. Kyle likes Mia but yes, she can be … ‘extra’. Abby will behave today but wish she were elsewhere. Billy marches in. What’s wrong? One word – Phyllis.

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Sharon drops by Vikki’s to tattle that Phyllis came to her to forge an alliance (which of course she turned down) Vikki knows Phyllis is prone to ‘lashing out’ – she already has.

Apologizing, Vikki’s too hurt to tell Sharon what Phyllis did but is easily coerced; Phyllis told me that Billy turned to me after she turned him down. Sharon doesn’t think Vikki should let Phyllis shake her confidence. And Billy’s love for you won’t be shaken. Oh, I shook it, Vikki confesses that she kissed Cane – twice. I don’t even know who I am anymore.

While Abby suggests Billy talk to Vikki, Kyle sums it up; Hurricane Phyllis hit and left a path of destruction. She’s the boss – if you want to keep your job, compartmentalize. Work goes in this box – personal stuff in another one. Never mix the two.