Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019

Phyllis had the poker in a storage locker – she freaked out when hearing it wound up at Nikki’s. No one knew about the locker and she covered her tracks. None of this makes sense and the only threat Nikki sees is the traitor sitting in front of her.

Rey and Arturo look dashing in their tuxes as they talk about love/starting fresh and hug at the beautifully decorated club.

Anna lied because she worried Devon might not like her songs; she wanted his unbiased opinion – and didn’t want him to feel obligated or be accused of nepotism. Devon wonders why Anna wanted to be paid outright instead of collecting royalties – are you in trouble?

Sharon’s in no position to judge Vikki – but why Cane of all people? Vikki has no idea – she’s not attracted to him. Sharon credits Vikki with how well she’s holding it together. Vikki’s a mess – she’s falling for Billy and stressed out of this JT secret. He’s dead but far from gone.

Do you have JT’s corpse in storage too? Nikki knows Phyllis would LOVE to send Victor to jail – you’re the only ones with means and motive. Phyllis had no idea Nikki hated her so much. I lied for you – for months. I helped you bury a body and kept my mouth shut. Nikki has the last word before leaving the office – she doesn’t a believe a word that comes from Phyllis’ mouth.

Anna got into debt with credit cards – living the life in college. She’s not sure what she’d have done if Neil hadn’t asked her to come back to GC. Why not ask Devon for help? Anna got herself into this mess and will get herself out. What are you leaving out? Devon’s suspicious.

When Kyle arrives at the club with Abby, the Rosales brothers mess with him about dating their little sister. Arturo then scolds Abby for outshining the bride. She will go check her coat (and her attitude) Arturo promises Abby a night she’ll never forget ~kiss~

Billy’s in Phyllis’ office to discuss business – but she’s more interested in why Billy took the jet, unauthorized. And how did what *I* said cause that??

Sharon suggests that Vikki’s sabotaging her relationship with Billy before she gets in too deep. Vikki doesn’t trust herself and links everything back to her decision to get back with JT – it touched everyone she knows. I can’t let anyone get close to me – they’ll just get hurt. Sharon encourages Vikki – you’re a good person who doesn’t deserve all this pain. Hold on to this – you deserve and are worthy of happiness. Thank you, Vikki whispers ~hug~

Devon can and will help Anna by letting her continue to write for Fen anonymously ~hug~

As Lola cues the music, Sharon arrives to apologize for being late. The tiny crowd then watch as Mia comes down the ‘aisle’ to hold her husbands’ hands.

Nikki has disturbing news about Phyllis. So does Vikki – our gang of four is now a trio (per Sharon we can’t count on Phyllis) Brace yourself – what Nikki came over to say will blow Vikki’s mind.