Thursday, January 24th, 2019

At the Ashby home, Neil’s taking the kids to see their Mom. I already checked with your Dad, he can’t make it this time, he glares a warning at Cane.

Encouraged by Rey to go ahead, Arturo pops the question to Abby. The applause when she accepts and hugs him are more enthusiastic than for Rey and Mia (who doesn’t look happy)

Done throwing darts at his dartboard, Nick accuses Phyllis bluntly – I know what you did – the body you buried.

At home, Jack decides not to text Kerry but leaves the house instead.

Mia’s silent as Rey congratulates Arturo – who has finally found the right woman.

So, who ratted me out? Phyllis asks Nick. Yes, she was there the night JT was killed. Asked to explain, Phyllis says if she hadn’t stepped in, his Mother and sister would be in prison.

The twins sent off to do homework, Neil tells Cane to shut up. He supported Lily when she forgave Cane and he supports her now that she doesn’t want to see him. Neil needs to go before he does something he regrets.

As Sharon chats with the bride and groom, Kyle and Lola joke with the newly engaged couple. Arturo then calls Mia’s bluff and suggests a double wedding – will Abby marry him here and now?

Neil’s at Devon’s to update that Billy told Lily everything. Neither is impressed and both worry; poor Lily must be going out of her mind.