Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019

What did I say? Phyllis again asks Billy. Everything you say has ramifications, Billy informs that what she said to Vikki (her being his second choice) caused her to kiss a guy. I lit a fire under the ice princess, Phyllis doesn’t seem sorry but is stunned to hear that Vikki kissed Cane.

How did Lily take it? There was no histrionics, no table flipping or yelling, Billy reports. Phyllis promises not to tell anyone and thinks Cane is kinda hot. Billy tried to talk to Vikki – he doesn’t get the way she’s behaving right now. Phyllis does.

Nikki updates Vikki – Phyllis claims the poker was stolen. Of course she doesn’t believe her. Now, what do we do about it?

Rey’s vows are touching. So are Mia’s. Arturo looks uncomfortable and after Rey kisses his bride and announces it time to celebrate, steps up; he has something to say.

Listing all Vikki’s been through, Phyllis isn’t surprised that Vikki’s a different person; she’s scarred. Question is – will Billy put on his big boy pants or will he cut and run?

Vikki wonders how Nick will react – he deserves to know he’s sleeping with the enemy. Nikki calls to leave him a message – she has something to tell him that will disrupt his investigation and his relationship.

When you find the woman you love you never let her go. On bended knee, Arturo continues to blather on as he proposes to Abby (who looks shocked)

Devon sits on the stairs and listens as Anna sings and plays the piano. As she finishes with a high note, he wipes away a tear.