Friday, January 25th, 2019

Sharon and Nikki don’t believe Phyllis but their alliance must stay intact if they want to stay out of prison.

Victor finishes his book then notices that Katie’s no longer playing with her toys. He leaves Johnny on the couch to go search for her.

Mia scowls as Rey speaks fondly of the brother he always protected. He knows this is a big leap for him and is glad he now knows what commitment means. After all clink glasses, Mia empties hers then refills and says how happy she is; the Abbott’s have been so gracious in welcoming Arturo. The Rosales may not be as rich – but we’re the same. Right? We all have our struggles and secrets but underneath it all, there’s love in both families. As Mia’s not so subtle insults flow, all squirm until Rey leads his drunken wife out (as she’s again offering to help Abby with her makeup) As Jack invites all to move to the living room, he lingers to complain to Billy that Kerry spent most of the evening wandering around on her phone.

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Thanked by Abby, Jack returns to the dining room and noticing Kerry busy on her phone, takes a look in her purse (where he sees the syringe) Abby tells Arturo that she can’t just ignore Mia – talk to her or I will. At home, Rey scolds Mia for being rude. I was just being honest – Mia thinks Abby a spoiled princess. I don’t want to see Arturo heartbroken (which WILL happen if he goes through with this marriage) My brother can take care of himself, Rey gives a crying Mia a hug.

Looking nervous, Sharon, Phyllis and Nikki wonder who’s been watching them all this time.

Next time you can come to my tea party, Katie’s in the hallway when her grandpa comes along to ask who she’s talking. It must be a special friend if no one can see him. Say bye bye, Victor leads Katie away by the hand.