Friday, January 25th, 2019

Taking the day off work, Rey gets a text from Arturo (inviting him to dinner) Mia doesn’t want to go – it was selfish of Arturo to try to ruin our special day. Rey cuts his brother slack – he got caught up in the moment.

With the help of flashbacks, Vikki tells Nick what happened the night JT came to her house. Their argument over him trying to murder her Father. JT’s hatred for Victor (who killed Colleen) The the physical altercation. Nikki takes up the story – they heard the commotion and ran up. I did kill JT – I had no choice – he was hurting your sister. Phyllis talks of the pact they made. Yes, Sharon agreed (but didn’t like it) The hardest part was burying JT; Vikki will never forget it. Phyllis got rid of the phone – Nikki burned the rug. The four women had no choice but to keep this secret.

Who else knows? Mariah and Tessa (who came across footage of them moving JT’s body) She blackmailed them but isn’t the one framing Victor (trust us on that) Nikki eyes Phyllis – it’s someone close to us. Wondering what she’s missing, Sharon’s horrified to hear that Phyllis didn’t throw the poker in the lake. Saying that he believes Phyllis (which she appreciates) Nick then gets a text from Jack (reminding him about the engagement party) Don’t cancel, the ladies urge him to carry on as normal. Nick doesn’t want Victor to know that Sharon and Phyllis were involved. Thanks for believing me, Phyllis is given the cold shoulder then called a lying, conniving bitch by Sharon (after Nick leaves)

Mia and Rey compliment the Abbott mansion then say they want Arturo to be happy. Abby comes down to wow and kiss her fiance and chat with Mia (whose makeup she’s not wearing) Nick and Vikki then arrives to congratulate and joke. As Jack greets Kerry, Abby thanks Nick and Vikki for coming.

Back at the ranch, Victor’s reading about King Arthur to Johnny as Katie plays with her toys.

At the dinner table, Kyle texts Lola – wish you were here. Mia toasts to ‘serious love’ – Jack adds a few words and invites anyone to speak. Nick says a few kind words. After all drink, Vikki toasts her sister – I love you – you deserve all the happiness in the world. As all drink again, Mia pours more wine and represents the Rosales family by saying what a great guy Arturo is (though she looks ready to kill him)