Monday, January 28th, 2019

Victor’s pleased that Katie’s back to visit (with her Mom) and after she ‘runs along’, Victor tells Vikki that she had an imaginary friend too as a child – it’s a sign of intelligence. Now, before they talk business, Victor has something to ask Vikki.

In Phyllis’ office, Kyle’s on the phone with Lola – debating who’ll miss each other more. Gotta go – someone just walked in, he greets Summer. She’s not there to see her Mother (who’s working from home) she’s here to clear the air with Kyle.

Is this a booty call? Kerry finds that very sexy. No, Jack’s summoned her to his house for a chat. Having had many relationships, Jack now believes honesty is key. He knows Kerry’s hiding something from him.

Phyllis leaves a message for Nick – she appreciates him defending her (and believing she didn’t frame Victor) Since she’s working from home today, she hopes Nick will come by the house.

When Nick comes to Sharon’s (home) for an explanation, she wonders why he’s coming down harder on her than the others. You have nothing to lose with me. No, Nick thought he could trust her the most.

Mia’s typing out a text to Arturo (who deserves a real woman – are you that hard up for cash?) when Abby comes knocking at the door carrying flowers. Surprise, she chirps.

Back in Phyllis’ office, Kyle denies he was trying to get rid of Summer (who’s sorry she pressured him) No, she doesn’t have a new boyfriend – she just realizes he was right; Dubai is a good opportunity to prove herself to everyone (including Kyle; who she credits) She’d like to tell him all about it – if he’s free for dinner.

Sharon almost told Nick the truth but was ‘hammered’ by the other three women at their bachelorette party until she caved. Nick had a secret gnawing away at him and almost confessed too that night (that he slept with Phylis)

Jack has a confession to make – I looked in your purse. He’s sorry and assumes Kerry has a serious medical issue. Pulling the syringe from her purse, Kerry chuckles.