Friday, January 25th, 2019

Nick comes down to ask Phyllis how she slept in the guest room. Well – and did Nick think about what he learned last night? Yes – he thought of nothing else but is struggling to take Phyllis at her word. Sharon is just as involved, she reiterates. Don’t believe me? Let’s settle it once and for all.

Abby and Arturo drop by the ranch to tell Victor their good news. Looking at the ring Abby proudly shows off, he doesn’t look impressed.

Mia’s fondling her necklace as she makes coffee when Rey comes out – yesterday and last night was amazing, she gushes – perfect. Then what’s bothering you? (Rey is a detective after all)

You hardly know this fellow, Victor clearly doesn’t approve of Arturo and believes he’ll hurt Abby. Arturo asks for the chance to prove his love. Alright, Victor then hands over paperwork he just so happens to have nearby. A prenup? Abby yips.

Mrs Martinez really outdid herself, Kyle can smell dinner from the dining room; the table is nicely set with flowers and candles. Gotta up your game when one of the guests is the hottest chef in town. Lola’s meeting with a supplier so can’t come. When Billy arrives, Jack reports Kerry lying to him – then again with a flimsy excuse he doesn’t believe. Both Kyle and Billy remind Jack of his past – give Kerry a chance – invite her. At Jabot, Kerry would love to come to the engagement party Jack’s hosting tonight. Told ya so, Billy and Kyle smirk smugly. Back at Jabot, Kerry
is clearly up to something.

Mia has a headache but doesn’t need an aspirin. You really are the best husband – but she’s too hung over to make out right now. Sitting Mia down, Rey insists on taking care of her. As he putters in the kitchen, the bride looks sad.

You just happen to have these in your briefcase? Abby’s aghast and announces that Arturo will not sign it. I will, Arturo does os without hesitation – the only reason he’s marrying Abby is that he loves her. Let’s go plan our wedding, Abby clip clops out with her fiance in tow.

Nick’s summoned the four co-conspirators to blast them for lying (singling out Sharon and Vikki) He wants to hear every detail – then we decide what’s next.

Back at the Abbott house, Abby complains to Jack about Victor asking Arturo to sign a prenup. Hearing that he signed, Jack goes over the top in welcoming Arturo to the family. Abby’s touched and also hugs Kyle and Billy. As they file into the dining room, Jack continues to lay it on thick; Arturo is family – invite your family and anyone who loves you and Abby to celebrate.