Thursday, January 24th, 2019

Abby loves Arturo so much but can’t get married without her family. We have to do it right. With a forced laugh, Mia gets things focussed back on the ‘main event’ – Devon wants us to have a wonderful reception. Rey praises his irresistible wife. When Jack arrives, he’s delighted to hear that Abby and Arturo are engaged. As they rejoin the table, Kyle detects his Dad’s not happy. Jack’s ready for a woman he can trust (which isn’t Kerry)

Phyllis reports walking in on Nikki and Vikki after JT died. We promised not to tell a soul. Phyllis decided the best way to stay loyal to Nick was to keep that promise and protect his mother and sister. Nick would have an easier time believing Phyllis if she hadn’t hung onto the murder weapon.

At the club’s bar, Jack tells Kyle that Kerry lied about being at work in the lab. He’s past playing games and this isn’t the first time Kerry’s hidden things from Jack. Ask her, Kyle suggests (the rejoins the party as Re announces a surprise for his wife)

Yes, Phyllis lied about the poker – to save herself. You Mom admitted to murder and I’m the one you’re mad out? Nick heard Phyllis say she wanted Victor to go down for this murder and knows she’s capable of framing him.

Devon agrees that Anna has an ear for talent. He was emotional when hearing her sing and play piano. Neil coffers Devon support; grieving is a process. Cane then rings the doorbell and barges in to tell Neil that he won’t be shut out of Lily’s life.

Surprising Kerry at Jabot, Jack gives Kerry a chance to fess up – then busts her. He came by the lab yesterday.

It’s Lily’s decision and Neil won’t let Cane blame him for not being able to see his wife. How many times has she forgiven you? Devon watches Neil blast Cane on behalf of both of them. We’re not helping you get anywhere near Lily.

Rey tells the guests at the table that he loves his ferocious wife; she can’t cook but has an appetite for life. She came to town to turn things upside down. Arturo guzzles his drink as Rey gives Mia a necklace. Everyone’s getting jewelry today, Lola quips – Kyle better not get any ideas. Looking at the simple necklace, Mia looks at the rock on Abby’s finger. Arturo then joins Abby at the bar (as she’s leaving a message for her Mom) He’s been carrying this ring around for days. Mia watches them kiss then asks the waiter to fill everyone’s glasses – it’s time for the best man to say a few words.

Nick admits that Nikki shared her suspicions, but he had his own too. Phyllis points out that JT wasn’t shot – why would she plant a gun in the stables? She doesn’t like Victor but didn’t frame him. This is the only way to keep Nikki safe, she points out – let him take the fall. She’s also disappointed that Nick doesn’t trust her or cut her the slack like he is with his Mom and sister.