Thursday, January 24th, 2019

Cane appeals to Neil and Devon. He makes mistakes when Lily’s not with him. I’m not the man I want to be.

Jack wants Kerry to be honest with him. She’s not hiding anything (and would see another man if she wanted to) Where were you yesterday then? Jack wants to know.

Arturo has everyone chuckling as he focusses his speech on Rey. Cheers, all drink. Lola and Kyle have a discreet chat about her letting him know when his wait is over. At the bar, Mia confronts Arturo on his proposal. Abby thinks it’s about her, but it’s not. Arturo looks guilty.

In Phyllis’ office, Kerry is happy to answer Jack’s question – she was in traffic court for parking tickets; a lot of them. It’s a weakness she’s been hiding. Jack’s relieved that she’s not perfect and is just as interested as Kerry is. He’ll let her get to work – see you soon. But as he leaves, Jack shakes his head (clearly not convinced)

Back at the penthouse, Devon mostly continues to stay in the background as Cane pleads with Neil (who refuses to help) It’s up to Lily what she tells the twins; she’s calling the shots.

Sharon’s glad her friend Rey is happy. For a second there … Yes, she may have pictured something but it was clearly never an option. Wishing Rey all the best, Sharon leaves. Mia and Rey continue to bicker at the bar; she cares about him – Abby’s not the right woman for you. Arturo bids Mia a good night; he plans to have a good one with Abby (who he goes to kiss)

Phyllis doesn’t see how her lie is worse than Nick’s. Just because she’s better at keeping her mouth shut? I kept your Mom out of prison because I’m such a damn good liar. Isn’t it funny that you haven’t once asked what Sharon was doing that night – she was there and has been lying as much as anyone else. And when that saintly (or saggy) ‘dishrag’ put on a wedding dress and a performance she had a secret of her own.